Zulander Hack Scam Review

Zulander is a binary options product which claims to be able to make you over a grand every 5 minutes. I am going to start by saying that I don’t believe this to be true. First of all, the box in the top right hand corner which warns us how many licenses are left only makes the site look desperate and the days of this tactic actually working should be long gone. The verified live results displayed either side of the main site content are also fake in my opinion. Judging by the poor design of the homepage, I find it very hard to believe that the webmaster would go to the effort or even has the skills to be able to pull this information from an SQL database and display it in the element as it can be seen on the page.

The Intro Video

So the Zulander site seems to be able to detect the location of its visitors geographically and then display different content depending on your country. I get a page with Spanish flags all over the place and a video featuring a narrator called Antonio Jimenez who’s from Salamanca… Apparently. Now, I live in Spain and I can tell you that calling a character Antonio Jimenez is like calling an English character John Smith, which leads me to believe that the name is fake and in turn, so is the guy altogether.

Antonio shows us that his own account balance is €103,510 with 4011 winning trades out of a total of 4597. The software is displaying trade amounts of €25 per trade which suggests that this is how the account is set up. If he’d won 4011 trades at €25, his profit would be just above €80,000 and that’s without subtracting the 586 losses. So not only is the embedded YouTube video not “Streaming” as is implied, the results featured in the video are fabricated. Not a good start for Zulander.

If we watch the video further, Antonio’s video turns out to be a testimonial and the intro video is soon taken over by “Michael Wright”, whoever he is. Michael explains that the Zulander Hack is completely legal and that it has nothing to do with binary options trading. This statement is made to

Many of the testimonial images found further down the page can be found on iStockPhoto and similar sites which proves that literally no person on this website is real and who they say they are. They also all happen to be from Spain, despite not looking remotely Mediterranean.

On signing up, I was given an account with Plus Option. They’re not a bad broker but I still don’t think I’ll be making a deposit. There are just too many elements to the homepage and intro video which give me the impression that the people behind the software are not who they say they are. Unfortunately, the binary options industry is still being targeted by scammers who make a simple application just to fritter your money away.

Our job as always is to keep you informed as to which software can be trusted. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about the industry and the best ways to get started.

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