Trade Fusion Scam Review

Today’s new product review is going to be on TradeFusion. This is an exciting new piece of software which boasts a clean design and a buzz around its launch which is seldom seen in the binary options industry. In this Trade Fusion Scam Review, we will take a look into what makes this software different to its competitors and of course, whether or not we recommend trading with it.

The Intro Video

Straight away, the narrator of the video introduces himself as Timothy Marcus, the CEO of the TradeFusion software. He states that the company has decided, for a short period of time, to give away the software for free for 90 days. We can make an educated guess that this isn’t strictly true because trading of any kind will always require an initial deposit with a broker. The video is a little bit pushy towards the end but I’ve seen loads worse. I’ve even seen a site which calls normal, everyday people idiots. Not a great way to sell to normal, everyday people…

The narrator, Timothy, goes on to tell the story of Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, who made a small fortune predicting the price of oil based on the weather forecast for the coming year. Very clever stuff!

Why Trade with Trade Fusion?

TradeFusion is expected to be able to net a couple of grand a day once it gets up to speed but my favourite aspect of this system is the way it places trades. I contacted Trade Fusion to find out more about the software and they explained that the software starts by placing 1 trade on the first day, if this trade is successful, it will increase the number of trades each day. In the unlikely event that the software has a bad day, TradeFusion will reset back to a single trade per day. This prevents the system rinsing all of your funds from your account quickly.

TradeFusion’s unique algorithm uses an innovative method to read the markets which allows the software to decide not only where the best trading opportunities lie, but also when it’s best not to trade at all.

The Sign Up

When we input our name and email address, we are taken to a second page which plays host to another video. This video demonstrates how the software works and also explains that it’s possible to use multiple brokers with TradeFusion. We’re going to start with just one for now but we’ll leave our options open for more at a later date. Further down the page, there are some frequently asked questions which are often useful to source quick information.

So, I’m going to sign up and get started with this software. I have it on good authority that the algorithm used here is amazing so I’m fully expecting to make a decent profit from this. I’ll be back soon with a full update on how I got on. If you’d like to try the software along with me, I’ll leave a link below.

100% In The Money after the first 5 Trades

After only trading for a few hours, Trade Fusion hasn’t made a loss yet! I will be doing more extensive testing on the software but so far, it’s looking great!