Secret Millionaire Society Scam Review

Due to the fact that I regularly review genuine trustworthy binary options brokers, I feel it’s my duty to also tell you about the scams out there and there are A LOT! Believe me.
So a system was brought to my attention today by a number of people who follow my reviews. This so called “code” is ingeniously called The Secret Millionaire Society. Upon first glance of the homepage, it looks to me as if it was designed by a gamer which isn’t a quality that draws me in but ok, design isn’t everything. I decided to watch the intro video as I was on the site and what I found was just horrendous.

The Intro Video

The video starts with something which almost could rival the opening shots of a Captain Scarlet episode, just not professional at all. To me, whoever is behind The Secret Millionaire society is clearly targeting fans of The DaVinci Code by making it appear as if this is some highly guarded secret which has been around for hundreds of years. The video states that the society isn’t part of the market but rather “makes” the market, suggesting that they have so much power that they can control when a stock rises or falls. This statement is absolutely ridiculous, it’s so outrageous that I would be very surprised if anyone was stupid enough to fall for this scam.

The second part of the video features video testimonials where the subjects state how much money they made and in how many seconds. Let’s face it, these are totally unverifiable and cannot be trusted. After these easily faked testimonials, the video then cuts to the predictable images of Lamborghinis, Bentleys, yachts, mansions and private jets. Now if this site wasn’t ringing alarm bells before, it should be now. If it was so easy to make so much money that you could afford all these things, there would be no beggars on the streets and no world poverty. The simple fact of the matter is, this is a SCAM. Next in the video, the voice of a guy called Quincy or “Q” as his close friends call him. Q states that you are about to become “one of them” and consequently, rich beyond your wildest dreams. He guarantees that you will make $1000 in your first 60 seconds and $10,000 in your first 2 days. Something that strikes me as rather odd is that “Q” refers to the society as “them” rather than “us”. Why would a society with such a closely guarded secret let an outsider narrate their video?

Next, “Q” goes on to show you some bank account screenshots featuring a total balance in the millions. As I’m sure you are aware, in a Photoshop-dominated media industry, these take minutes to fabricate and cannot be accepted as proof for anything. Q states that these bank accounts belong to society members who, by the way, cannot be found on Forbes’ Rich List but if they could, they would be at the top. After another minute or so of fabricated rubbish, Q tells us that these society members make their money trading binary options. Now, unless you start off with hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s very unlikely that you will become a millionaire by trading binary options as traders earn a percentage of their original investment on a winning trade. Q also goes on to state that there will be NO losses at all. This is utterly impossible, there is always a risk with binary options trading. I cannot stress enough just how fake this information is.

Anyway, after concluding that this site and everything it stands for is a complete scam, I naturally had to keep digging so I entered my email address and was taken to the next page… This was no more convincing…

The Second Page

The second page initiates with an email verification process followed by a decryption of your “personal message”. For anyone who believes that these are real, they are both just fancy graphics in a video. The page itself contains more fabricated numbers and graphs and also a list of “live trades” which society members are making. Now apart from the fact that again, these can easily be faked, there are one or two losses listed here (I assume to make it look more believable). Weren’t we told on the previous page that there would be absolutely NO losses? This just isn’t making sense. The video at the top of this page goes on to say that to activate your status as “one of them” you must deposit a minimum of $250 with the broker they recommend and they also try to convince you to deposit more as the more you deposit, the more you’ll make and faster.

My Summary

I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that this “society” exists. I would like to think that when being asked to deposit money by an unknown voice on the internet, people would be very suspicious but the fact is, people fall for these scams every day. I urge you not to deposit any money at all with this system, I wouldn’t even give them my email address.

My job is to give accurate reviews on all things binary options and websites like this really make me angry. It is totally out of order to try to scam everyday people out of their money like this and I view it equally to stealing somebody’s handbag or purse. DO NOT fall for these outrageous statements!