Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

Copy Buffett is a new binary options application which has just been launched onto the market. First impressions say a lot and I have to admit, this is another web page which looks impressive. There aren’t too many binary options trading applications which give off a good vibe so I’m excited to be able to get testing this one. In this Copy Buffett Review, I plan to sign up and trade with the software and document my experiences.

The homepage claims that the software can make a $1978 daily income for its traders which is impressive, not only because it’s a nice income but also because we know that it’s possible to earn this with binary options if you know what you’re doing. The question is, does Copy Buffett know what it’s doing?

Quite obviously, the theme of the homepage is centred around Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world. The page features a number of news articles including the American businessman.

The Intro Video

The narrator of the video explains how he started trading in 2008 and made a few massive losses before researching the top investors in the world. That’s when he first heard of Warren Buffett. He advanced by purchasing every book he could find on the genius himself and studying hard. He goes on to say that the software he’s offering is on a trial basis so the only financial input we as customers need to invest is our trading balance.

In my opinion, the man in the video seems to really know what he’s talking about, unlike a lot of the paid actors who are clearly reading from a script. That’s why I’m excited to get started and document my experiences with you in my video series on Copy Buffett.

If we scroll down the page slightly, there are a few bullet points about how the software works. We’ve all heard of copy trader features on many broker sites where you can literally let your account copy what the most successful traders are doing. This is all well and good but the software will copy the losing trades as well as the winning trades and we all have those unsuccessful days when trading as we occasionally let emotion cloud our judgement. Copy Buffett works with this unique piece of artificial intelligence which is designed to emulate Warren Buffett’s trading STYLE, not his trades themselves. That’s what makes Copy Buffett different from other trading systems.

The testimonials featured on the page aren’t people just showing off and making claims of how many millions they have made with the software, they are just giving their experiences of using the software itself which is a refreshing change from other similar applications I’ve seen. These articles appear to be genuine judging by the way they’re written.

The video on the second page (once we’ve put our name and email into the form) reiterates the fact that the software is free. I think that this is slightly naughty of the narrator as first time traders may not know that you have to make an initial deposit before you can trade. This deposit becomes your trading balance in its full amount so it’s nothing to worry about providing the broker we’re given is one that we trust. That’s one of the reasons Binary Options Advisors exists, to share our experiences and make sure that you only use the brokers and products which can be trusted.

If you have any questions about the broker you’re assigned, please get in touch.

Anyway, we’re going to get started now. I’m going to sign up for my own account and I’ll update this post regularly with any new updates. If you’d like to try the software out along with me, you can use the link below or go to to be taken to the Copy Buffett site. I have seen hundreds of these pages and I think I have a good eye for which are scams and which are not. I think this site is looking positive so I’m happy to give it a go!

Results After only 1 Trading Day!

After only a day’s trading, Copy Buffett is making a good impression, as I expected. I will be doing more extensive test as the weeks go on.