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Learn the “secret” about Auto Binary Bot…. it’s a load of shit and it doesn’t work.  I could write more about this heap of shit product, but to be honest I really don’t want to.  One thing is for sure I will not be linking to this site with an affiliate link, because I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I’ve referred someone to something so epically crap.

The first thing that struck me about Auto Binary Bot, is the video.  A mini production about a fiction character called Dan Santos, starts off with stock footage of Lamborghinis driving in convoy around a bend saying that some binary geeks are making millions from binary options.

Whilst I’m sure there are people making considerable money from Binary Options, I don’t think that Auto Binary Bot is where they are making it, and one of the main things that alarmed me pre-purchase is the fact that the big binary platforms like Spot Option and Tradologic, don’t have an API that allows auto trading, and in the video they show screen shots from Trader XP, who are a Spot Option brand, so in my mind I’m thinking there’s no way that this software could be automated.

Time to bite the bullet and buy this thing…. not as easy as you might think by the way.

Upon purchasing I was met by 4 upsell pages asking me to spend more than the advertised $37 I got it for for trying to leave the site.

When I got in, my initial fears were confirmed.  This software, well isn’t actually software it’s just a poor quality browser with a few webpages in it that doesn’t give any genuine advice.

Also, the brand that they are promoting within the software doesn’t load correctly in the software.  This indicates poor quality coding which has be thinking it’s got scam written all over it.  Well lets look at this the video on the sale page a little more closely.

Firstly, they show screen shots of platforms like Trader XP … yet Trader XP aren’t featured in the software.  Instead it’s just QFXBIN which I assume is supposed to say QFX Binary.

My guess, is that Auto Binary Bot has been created by the owners of QFX Binary just to send traffic to their platform with no real emphasis on making the end user any money.

The software is simply inferior poorly coded rubbish that is designed to be short lived.  Like I said at the beginning of this review, I really didn’t want to waste my time typing about it.

Just do yourself a favour and if you are thinking about trading binary options, don’t do it with auto binary bot.  You will be disappointed beyond words.

However I don’t think anyone in their right mind would ever go ahead and actually go ahead any buy this from the cringeworthy lambo scene at the very beginning saying that binary options nerds and becoming richer than rock stars…. really?? I don’t think so, and then later on auto binary bot Dan goes on to say that he isn’t promising sports cars and mansions (er…. but you did at the beginning of the video Dan!)

Total shit, 0/10 from us.  If you’re going to use a bot, use Option Bot as it’s the only binary options robot that actually functions correctly.

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