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You’ve no doubt reached this page because you’ve heard about The Lazy Day Trader or 60 Second Profits from so called ex-stock broker Keith Jones.  His name is cropping up everywhere these days and one question that has been on my mind is.

Just who the hell is Keith Jones?

Well, I’ve been doing my research with just to find out if Keith Jones is or ever has been a registered stock broker and for a start you can put your mind at ease in knowing that Yes! There was once a stock broker called Keith Jones that spanned a registered career over 6 years.

Now, his websites claim that he was a stock broker for 8 years, and the 6 year career as a registered broker would entirely make sense as you normally have to do a 2 year internship to become a qualified stock broker.

But is this the same Keith Jones? Well, unfortunately due to the data protections act I wasn’t able to obtain any more information on the guy, but at least I have a seem to be painting a picture of someone who is in fact real, which is always reassuring.

So the next question on my mind, is do his strategies work at all?  Well, I decided to give the 2 strategies he is best known for a go.  And I started with The Lazy Day Trader.

The strategy is a progressive trading system whereby you follow the majority of traders to choose which asset you’re going to trade on.

What Keith Jones doesn’t tell you is that it needs to be a 75% trader insight or more for it to work effectively.   This isn’t to say that he is not being honest on his site; in fact the most probable reason for this is that the site is nearly a year old, and the trading platforms he is using may have altered their reporting on the trader majority.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry it’s not.  I have been trialling The Lazy Day Trader for 4 weeks now, and since adapting the strategy so that I only place trades when there is a 75% to 25% differential on the trader insight, I’ve won every time without fail, and this is something that is further echoed in his 60 Second Profits strategy.

The reason for this is that 60 Second Profits  is exactly the same strategy as The Lazy Day Trader  but the difference being that it works on a much faster 60 second platform and it has been slightly altered to reflect this.

Once again, apply the same logic.  Look for 75% to 25% differentials and your can’t go wrong with this strategy.  It’s been a goldmine for us at Free Binary Option System but I do wish he would update his sites more often to reflect these changes.

Often is the case with ex service professionals that turn to the internet to create an advice strategy or paid for product for the first time, they tend to offer great advice with poor customer service and that’s something that Keith Jones does fall down on.

I emailed his Lazy Day Trader email and 60 second profits email several times, and I only every receive automated responses.  This is something that I wanted to highlight to anyone that is looking at trying his systems, yes they work and are 100% not scams, but don’t expect to have many email conversations with the guy.

We did however receive one response from him after waiting over 6 weeks for a reply, which I’ve pasted below.

“Dear Free Binary Option System,

Yes I am aware of your website and blog, and I can only apologise for my delays in responding.  All of my websites are for informational use only and as I spend most of my week applying these methods myself, it is very difficult to respond to the hundreds of emails that I receive per day.

My websites generate very little revenue from sales of my paid for trading guides, so I am in no position to employ customer service staff.

With regards to your statement about my websites needing updating.  I can assure you that if the directions are followed correctly, then people will not fail.

On occasion a slow internet connection or misunderstanding of the website could cause people to make mistakes. I urge all of my readers to try the system for free first, and the vast majority of the emails I receive are positive.

Thank you for your interest.

Keith Jones”

Now I have to admit, I sent a stern email advising Keith Jones that I will be publishing a blog about him to get a response, and after receiving his response I did start to realise that here is a guy that is telling people what he does to make money and nothing more.

He’s abiding to modern laws by providing contact details, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a reply from him, or anyone that provides contact details.  They just have to be legitimate emails.

So what’s the verdict on Keith Jones? Is he a scammer? No, is he who he says he is? I think Yes, and are his binary options systems worth trying? Another yes, but make sure you only trade when there is a significant trader insight around the 70 – 75% region for the best results.

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