CitiTrader $500 trading test



CitiTrader are a quite well established Binary Option Platform, so I decided to deposit $500 with them and have a 1 hour trading test to see how they how much money I could make with them.

Up until today I hadn’t used them before, but what I want to apply today is a method called  “graphic trend analysis” which is a method of trading hourly and half hourly binary options to produce a profit.

So below is the video of my results, which saw me average $15 per hour from my investment. If you continue reading you’ll see how you can turn this $15 per hour in to over $20k per month in profit, but placing highly likely low risk trades.


What have just watched in the video above is a simple method that I like to call “Follow the Leader” and I always apply this strategy when trading. It’s pretty much the only way to trade binary options in my opinion.

It’s quite a simple strategy, which involves the use of a Metagraph like the one above.  All I am doing is selecting an asset and if it seems to have an upward trend, I will place a trade of no more than 5% of my overall starting trade balance.  As my starting trade balance was $500 this means that I will only place trades up to $25 in value.

If I had a $1000 trading balance I would place no more than $50 on my trades.

Exactly the same principal applies if I see a downward trend, however if I see a neutral trend where it appears that the asset doesn’t seem to know if it is going up or down, I simply won’t place a trade.

The video above has been speeded up to reduce the viewing time, and also so that I can fit the video on YouTube as they have a 9 minute limit.  But you can clearly see how this simple method works.

Why not try this method for yourself today.  Simply go to CitiTrader and make a deposit today, below is a indication of the expected average trading earnings per hour using this method.

$500 deposit = max trade of $25 and average earnings of $15 per hour

$1000 deposit = max of trade $50 and average earnings of $30 per hour

$1500 deposit = max of trade $75 and average earnings of $45 per hour

$2000 deposit = max trade of $100 and average earnings of $60 per hour

$4000 deposit = max of trade $125 and average earnings of $120 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: As your balance increases each day, increase your trade to no more than 5% of your starting balance, and that in 1 set of trades you do not place over 25% of your overall balance on trades.  This ensures that any losses are kept to a minimum, and are easy to recover from.

Just remember, that if you start with just $500 and you’re earning $15 per hour, by the end of a trading week of 40 hours you’ll have more than doubled your investment.  As $15 x 40 hours = $600.

A sensible strategy at this stage would be to bank $100 and continue to trade with $1000 on your second week. This would give you an average of $30 per hour for week 2 which should be $30 x 40 = $1200 profit on top of your $1000 balance.

Once again, a sensible strategy from here would be to bank $200 and retain $2000 for trading.  By now you’ll have banked a total of $300 leaving you with enough in your trading account to earn $60 per hour x 40 which is a healthy $2400 profit.

As per your last 2 weeks, it would be wise to bank the $400 and retain $4000 for trading.  This would give you a $700 return that represents a $200 profit and your inital stake of $500 returned.

Now if your 4th week you can earn $120 per hour, which over a 40 hour trading week would present a return of $4800.  Here I would highly recommend taking the $4800 profit each and every week and leave a balance of $4000 for trading.

You can of course go for a 5th week and bank just $800 and use $8k for trading, which could give you $240 per hour and net around $9600 profit per week, but this is purely down to personal preference.

If you wish to sign up with CitiTrader you can visit the site by clicking HERE